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Old Wimps Out Walking – New Zealand

OLD WIMPS OUT WALKING – NEW ZEALAND Nigel’s Aunty Beryl was having her 80 th birthday party and we were excited to be going. Nigel’s family had lived there for several years when he was a boy but I had never been. When I was a teenager my friends were going on cruise ships to […]

Baby Blackbird

    Baby blackbird At my window Looking in at me Her home a nest Nicely hidden In my garden tree I watch her sitting At my window While she watches me In my curious nest, Then unbidden She flies back to her tree I feel so privileged that she lives happily here with me. […]

A Group of Spammers

Hello everyone, A group of spammers have infiltrated my blog.  If you are seeing really weird comments on my posts you will know where they have come from.  I think WordPress has picked this up as they are now appearing in my spam folder.  I hope no one has been offended by these horrible pests. […]

Access Denied – POETRY

Access Denied   Fear comes knocking on the door No one loves you anymore The future’s bleak, you’ll have no one To run and play with in the sun Faith answers firmly, access denied Depression drags his feet along the hall Brown robes sweeping the dust. The gall; He knocks! An eviction notice in his […]

Springtime- from my book ‘Australia Wild’

Springtime – A poem taken from my book “Australia Wild”  with photos by Shirley Chalmers       

Invisible God

  Invisible God – The Story of Esther, Queen of Persia As we can’t see the wind, but realise its presence by the movement it creates, so we see the hand of God at work through the events recorded in the book of Esther.  God is not mentioned by name, but is evident throughout as Mordecai and Esther act to […]

Small Things – Poem

Small Things When the waves of insecurity wash over me Swamp me, sweep me away Into the blackness of deep mind Uncertainty of purpose Feelings of unworthiness Inadequacy, having nothing to bring Nothing to give Worthless Sitting alone, doing nothing, taking no risks Walls hemming me into the Silence of isolation I will Rise up […]