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Cancer Council Fundraiser BOOK LAUNCH

From the dairy farm at Imbil to a journey into life… Meet Gympie Girl -Shirley Chalmers Shirley Chalmers won the 2013 Elyne Mitchell Writing Award for her story  The Onion Picker’s Daughter·, which was commercially published the following year by Melbourne Books in their Award Winning Australian Writing Anthology. Many of Shirley’s short stories have […]

Broken Buttons Memoir published May2016

The second edition of Broken Buttons is now available. This contains Photographs also some short stories from my ‘Old Wimps Out Walking’ collection. To obtain your copy send an email to for details on how to pay. Books retail at AUD $29.95 plus $7 for postage within Australia. You can also find me on […]

Books on Amazon

          Hi, I’d like to let you all know I have unpublished the books of poetry I had published on Amazon. The reason is that I am publishing in paperback through an Australian Publisher.  I am not sure how long before the book becomes available, but I will surely let you […]

The Prodigal – from A Moment in Time

  The Prodigal there’s nothing like the joy of knowing Jesus the deep and boundless wonders of God’s grace that reached right down with mighty power to pardon and set me free from all my sin’s disgrace the prodigal was I returning homeward to a grand reception I did not deserve and the glorious gladness […]


Easter Poem

Rainbows Through the Rain

Keep On Walking – Quotes on Rejection

    Rejection Quotes Words from the wise, passed on to us:   Over the years, I have come to realize that the greatest trap in our life is not success, popularity, or power, but self-rejection. Success, popularity, and power can indeed present a great temptation, but their seductive quality often comes from the way […]

Sandy Hook: How do you feel….?

Sandy Hook: How do you feel? Oh yes, it makes me very sad, I grieve for the lost children, I grieve for the families who lost them,  but more than that it makes me angry. Angry that a child has been so emotionally and mentally bereft that he is driven to murdering his own mother, […]

A Group of Spammers

Hello everyone, A group of spammers have infiltrated my blog.  If you are seeing really weird comments on my posts you will know where they have come from.  I think WordPress has picked this up as they are now appearing in my spam folder.  I hope no one has been offended by these horrible pests. […]