Broken Buttons Memoir published May2016

The second edition of Broken Buttons is now available. This contains Photographs also some short stories from my ‘Old Wimps Out Walking’ collection. To obtain your copy send an email to for details on how to pay. Books retail at AUD $29.95 plus $7 for postage within Australia. You can also find me on Facebook at Shirley Borg Chalmers.

While the story was written for my children and grandchildren it has generated at lot of interest with the general public as well. My brother, sister and I have always been close and we have given each other support through all the times of our lives. Some of those times have been pretty tough, others joyful. In spite of all the struggles our lives have never been short on adventure. From country to city and back again, this book is the story of three motherless kids living in tents in the Queensland bush and surviving against the odds.

I’ve always loved the stories our Father told us about his family as he and his siblings were growing up. He had a brother and sister, just as I do. I have included some of his stories  in the book  – Shirley Chalmers, May 2016


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