Forest Eucalypt in the Gippsland

A Sunday walk in the forest
Men, women, boys, girls and a dog
trotting along somewhere, not lost
hiding behind a log
… somewhere

Forest Walk

Seeking a special tree, walking fast
the cold is biting today, rugged up
against the freeze
we exclaim in wonder, moving past
twisted, moss covered branches
of expired trees
Then a call, there, there, do you see?

THe Tree

An opening, in this hollow giant.
Do we dare to enter the door,
What lurks inside, is it defiant
will it seek to haunt us evermore?

The Opening

Fear not, a safe haven for small creatures
Family of man and family friends
welcome, we are to visit such features
of the forest on which life depends

The Doorway

Let us enter then and soon discover
What lies within this secret place
But stay us close to one another
In case we find a monster’s face

In the Depths

Ho! through the back door I have come
Into the pantry of this great tree
Seeking an apple, seeking a plum
But none are here as you can see

Inside Coming Out

Inside the tree was so much fun, but now I think it’s time to run,I hear another come…

Pastor Ian

What then is this, another appears
Emerging from the inner space
‘tis only our kind pastor, dears
so laughter let your fears displace…
and our forest’s beauty with joy embrace.





  1. Margaret Hughes · · Reply

    Shirley this is just beautiful. So descriptive. Telling such a lovely story. Well done. I love it.

    1. Thank you Margaret! I wrote a children’s story for our grandsons. The pastor was cast as the Elf who lived in the tree…Poor Ian! It was such a fun day. 🙂

  2. This is beautiful Shirley and loved the photos. At times to scary to venture into the unknown, what secrets lurk within..glad it turned out innocently and no monsters 🙂

  3. Wow ! …. any information how old those trees are?

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