The Prodigal – from A Moment in Time

A Moment in Time Book Cover


The Prodigal

there’s nothing like
the joy of knowing Jesus
the deep and boundless wonders
of God’s grace
that reached right down
with mighty power to pardon
and set me free
from all my sin’s disgrace

the prodigal was I
returning homeward
to a grand reception
I did not deserve
and the glorious gladness
of the celebration
only marred by my own brother’s
sad reserve

there in a silent, sullen mood
he stood condemning
his own self-righteous spirit
bound in sin
he was in our Father’s house
he was obeying
but he’s never taken one
good look within

had he never known
that humble, sweet renewal?
the sense of wonder
that salvation brings!
in him there is no warmth
of understanding
and his voice with pharisaic
harshness rings

the prodigal am I
I always will be
for I’ll not forget
what God has done for me
and the joy of knowing Jesus
safely keeps me
through the midst of suffering
shines eternity


© Shirley Chalmers

A Moment in Time: an eBook of Christian Poetry
published on






  1. What an affirmation, “there’s nothing like the joy of knowing Jesus“!

    It seems that many times our relatives are the last ones to share our joy on finding Jesus.

    Thanks for sharing, Shirley!

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