Sweet Home, Queensland

Sugar Cane

Australia is the third largest sugar producer in the world and Queensland provides 95% of Australia’s sugar yield.  I grew up in South East Queensland and at one stage my father worked for the Moreton Sugar  Mill in Nambour.  There were many cane farms in the area at that time.  With progress and the increasing value of land in a beautiful and rapidly expanding area, demand for development of residential and tourism related projects eventually claimed the industry.  Moreton Sugar Mill was closed in 2003.  This by no means heralded the end of this important national  industry.  Australia boasts four thousand sugar cane farm businesses and twenty four sugar mills with an overall production of 10,000 tonnes of sugar daily.  Bundaberg in Queensland, where my brother and his family live, is the famous home of the Bundaberg Rum brand, which is of course a by product of sugar cane.  Nigel took these great photos of cane harvesting on a farm directly across the road from my brother’s house.  This cane is being green harvested which means that the cane has not been burnt prior to the harvest.  At this time 75% of our cane is green harvested, and in some areas of northern Queensland it is 100% green harvest.  Burning is still practised in some areas for reasons of soil health and crop productivity.  Sugar export accounts for 80% with 20% of Australian sugar is produced for national consumption. You’ll get the idea from these photos.  For lots more information try:   http://www.canegrowers.com.au/page/Industry_Centre

Bundaberg Rum

IMG_0415sugar-cane-burns IMG_0410

IMG_0406 IMG_0412

My Dad was one of the Moreton Sugar Mill workers in the 1960'

My Dad was one of the Moreton Sugar Mill workers in the 1960’s.  This is one of the gang trains going through the main street of Nambour  around 1965.  





  1. Interesting. Thank you!

  2. With the recent weather condition in Australia, I think it will be quite dangerous to burn the sugarcane like that.

    1. It would be indeed Chris. I should have mentioned that the crushing season begins mid winter, so no danger in it then. We sure are having a lot of hot weather and are very thankful for our fire fighters who are working so hard to control the fires. There has been so much tragic loss of animals and property that it is heartbreaking.

  3. Love the sight of sugar cane – always reminds me of home!!

    1. Me too! Not much of it, or any really, around in Victoria. 🙂

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