Sandy Hook: How do you feel….?

The Jigsaw

The cracks in the Jigsaw

Sandy Hook: How do you feel?

Oh yes, it makes me very sad, I grieve for the lost children, I grieve for the families who lost them,  but more than that it makes me angry. Angry that a child has been so emotionally and mentally bereft that he is driven to murdering his own mother, as well as so many little elementary school children and then turning the gun on himself. I am angry with our leaders, I am angry with our society as a whole. We have followed the blind, the selfish, the naysayers, the ignorant and the ones who deny any ideology save those that promote self. Individualism is the god of this age, the Zeitgeist that eats at the fabric of our society. What a deadly poison this is.

The fool has said in his heart: there is no God. I am, say the fools and deny the true I AM. They deny truth: the Word of God, the need for loving sacrifice, caring, teaching sound values, respect, self -control to mention just some of what has been rejected. And that one word explains a lot: rejection. There is so much rejection of God out there, so much hatred of His people.

How many hearts are broken, lives damaged, minds filled with pain, confusion and depression through the pain of rejection. Is our society going to do an about turn, face the facts, and acknowledge the truth that God is, that He is holy, that He holds out forgiveness and peace, that we need Him? Is the Church going to hold a National Day of Repentance to ask the forgiveness of our sins and give us all an opportunity to find healing and faith? It seems unlikely.

But to the hurting, to the hopeless, to the rejected I say this: God holds out His arms to you. He gave His Son, Jesus to pay for your sins. He has promised that He will not reject you. He will remain with you and His presence will sustain you. He calls you His beloved. Turn to Him, He will accept you, and you will find your comfort there.


Painting by Charlie Mackesy

Painting by Charlie Mackesy









  1. Crying in the depths of despair . . .sobs of grief . . .til they run dry, they cannot heal over. Shalom

    1. Arms around you, love sent to you, we are all united in our grief. God is our ever present help and strength.

  2. Ron Haehnel · · Reply

    There is no other way, to hear- to love to seek and as he promised he would be found.
    Your last posting has been encouraging. Here in Tassie more violence than one would expect from a
    population of less than half a million . Two families destroyed in one week. Hard to witness, hard to take!

    1. Yes Ron, that news is so tragic. Thinking of you and Heidi and hope that your Christmas will be one of peace and blessing through the grace of God,

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