Springtime- from my book ‘Australia Wild’

Springtime – A poem taken from my book “Australia Wild”  with photos by Shirley Chalmers 

Springtime! Springtime! When all the blooms are budding
And sweetly scented freshness fills the air
With wafts of wind that shake from out the curtains
The whispers of winter staleness settled there
Flapping, filling then sweeping through the house’s
Corners and crannies, swooshing up the stair
Into the bedrooms, then out again to sunshine
Through windows all wide open to welcome Springtime Fair


Swirling in the garden the decaying leaves and petals
Stirring the remembrance of spring before gone by
And passing on to summer, autumn then to winter
When falling to fallow she settled down to die
So it came to pass, no season lasts forever
But watered by the tears fallen from the wintry sky
Seeds have set and brought to fruit their flowers
Life has lifted laughing, her power’s not denied


Seedtime and harvest, the time is set for living
Life in full abundance, a majestical musical strain
Throbs and fills, caressing all the senses
Refreshing and renewing, erasing winter’s pain
Buzzing bees are turning out seeking the season’s
Reason of sunshine, reason of rain
Stirred to the heart by an unknown season coming
Serious and sobering, a searing loss – or gain

Springtime! Springtime! When all new life is living
Risen and free from all that’s dark and cold
Glorious and holy the grain of wheat has fallen
Into the ground and grown anew, a thousand, thousand fold
Sweet darlings of Springtime, sheep of golden pastures
Craving contentment as all the sheep of old
Hush, O hush, the Springtime breeze is blowing –
If only we will open up the windows of our soul

© Shirley Chalmers




  1. Loved that Shirley very descriptive 🙂

  2. thoughtsfromanamericanwoman · · Reply


    1. Thanks for your welcome comment. 🙂

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