Christian, I am: Battle Scars

Battle Scars

What deep wounds ever closed without a scar?

Lord Byron

 Have you ever been deeply wounded?  Pain remains there.  The pain that comes from feelings of failure, shame, outrage and betrayal clings to the surface of the heart.  What balm is there that will bring relief?  Prayer, persevering in trust and obedience, counselling, support from friends and family all helps.  Mostly I think healing can take time.  Just as deep physical wounds need care, attention and time to heal so social, emotional and mental healing need the same things.  Give it time.

So time passes, and the wounds heal.  Sometimes the scars itch and cause discomfort, calling back to mind the battles in which the wounds were received:  A hangover from the deep inner feelings that came with the wounds.

I have become comfortable with my scars, they no longer itch.  No, I haven’t discovered a wonderful new cure all medication, I have embraced my scars.

You see, those scars mean that although I have been wounded, I have recovered from the wounds.  I have survived.  I have come through the battle, by the help and grace of God.  Those who would have destroyed me in every way have been defeated.  It may seem that they have won, but they have not understood the battle. The real enemy is Satan, but:  The battle is the Lord’s – 2 Chronicles 20:15

My faith in God is intact; my life is still on the right track.  It is not the track that I imagined for myself in the beginning, it is far different actually, but I know it is right.  It is the path God has chosen for me. It is not a glamorous path, pretty ordinary really, but it is a satisfying one, even a joyful one.  I am happy, because, in the words of an old song: happiness is to know the Saviour.

Where once there was pain, now there is peace                                  

The deepest of joy, through a happy release

The comfort of knowing He’s here with me still

And in every new day, I exist in His will

©Shirley Chalmers 2012


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  1. inekejones · · Reply

    Beautiful Shirley!

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