Readers and Writers Morning…

Readers and Writers

It was a great experience to be a part of the Readers and Writers morning yesterday, Thursday 30th August.  The function was held in the Rotary Gallery, which is situated in the library building, on a cold, wet and windy day.  Our Milpara Creative Writers were well represented and members read some of their works during the morning.

Stephen Ormsby’s book ‘Long Lost Song’ was launched and Stephen gave an interesting talk on his journey through inspiration, research, writing, editing to final publication.  Copies of his book were available for purchase and it is also in eBook form on the Amazon website.

Stephen’s book is urban myth and moves back in time to the 1930’s American music scene.  It tells the story of a guitarist’s ambition to be great and his decision to enter into a life impacting deal to make it happen. It then comes forward to present day where the scene opens with young men on a train at Frankston in Victoria.  The language of the book very much fits with modern youth culture but swings into an apocalyptic style as the plot moves towards its climax. The contrast between the two styles is reflected in the contrast between good and evil throughout the book. I won’t spoil the story; you may wish to read it for yourself.

Mereke, Stephen’s wife, did the artwork for the cover of the book and she related her adventures in that direction.  That was a bit of a battle as publisher’s graphic artists always want to do things their way.  Mereke’s photo shopped art was perfect for the book and they finally had it accepted.  Well done to both of them!

Then I had my turn to talk about my own experiences as a writer and how I came to publish my book ‘A Moment in Time’.  The cover for the book is from an oil crayon drawing of Rainbow Lorikeets that I did when we lived in Perth in the 1990s.  Most of the poetry in the book was written more than thirty years ago and I thought it was time to clean out the cupboards as it were and do something with them. I suppose I am still finding my voice as a writer as I have some short stories and a couple of novels on the back burner, as well as a collection of Australian bush poetry, stashed away.  I think I have some work to do.

Our bookshop owner, Jan spoke about how she and her husband came to open their shop in Foster, Victoria after they had retired.  What was that word again…retired?  Jan is a very gifted woman and as she came to know the needs of readers and writers in their community she moved with this, doing studies in editing and publishing as well as doing lots of research on the internet. Jan is well equipped to give help and advice to those who need it and she is very supportive of the authors in the district, as well as guiding readers in their choice of books.

We had a wonderful audience and they were keen to ask questions and participate in the discussion time.  Quite a few of those attending are established authors and it was a great thrill to have them in our midst.  I received some good feedback from them for which I am grateful.

Events like this are a positive and supportive way to encourage emerging writers and they help to instil the confidence needed to go ahead and start the next project.

Thanks everyone!






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