Australia Wild

Australia Wild


The Desert

The rains have been
flowers- in a desert scene
Butterflies delight
flitting they settle
A profusion of hues
vibrant yellows, delicate blues
snow-haired smoke bush
shades a clump of yellow daisies
from the everlasting sun

Plain and Coastland

Kamilaroi men stood breathing
in the beauty long ago
and called it Warrumbungles –
the little broken mountains
Desert lime and quandong standing
with the kurrajong and white box
where they dry plains of the inland
and the moist east coastlands meet
Grasstrees piercing skyward
wave their fronds at gnarled snow gums
Wonga-Wonga vine climbs high
creamy bell shaped flowers massing
on the sides of mountain Bluff
In the shade of nooks and crannies
grow the pink and golden orchids
nodding with the breeze
to the great ironbark




Midst the rock-art sites on cliff walls,
caves, and on the rugged ledges
handprints, boomerangs
Livistona palms in contrast
against stark white height of stone
in breathless wonder
silently the creek is flowing
emerald moss on the banks
Callistemon and native cherry
where the proud she oak is growing
down Carnarvon Gorge
Redhead cotton bush in sunshine
Caterpillar climbing
on the leaves of the hibiscus
yellow, darker bound
Shyly hiding beyond tree ferns
like umbrellas reaching high
orchid’s splendour
while on the other bank
playing man to woman’s beauty
a clump of blady grass
native violet’s glory crowns.


Shirley Chalmers




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  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    I love it Shirley, I can just see the places you describe

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