Writer’s Festivals

The Melbourne Writers Festival is on again and I’ve booked for a whole day of work-shopping! Our own local Coal Creek Literary Festival kicks off on Saturday October 13th. Last year’s was so much fun and I especially loved the poetry slam. We were given a topic to write on, on the spot, then had to present it later. The topic was ‘The Earth Speaks’ Here’s my effort:

the  earth speaks                                                                                         

through cracks in creek
beds, burning trees
farmers on their knees
with drought
running brown throughout
the land
so hard to understand
until again
the blessed sound of rain
drum beating on the roof
returning with the proof
that all things come to pass
and again at last
the earth has made me laugh

Copyright 2011

portrait photo by Ineke Jones 



  1. Margaret Hughes · · Reply

    Shirley I love your work. The Earth Speaks is beautiful. You have captured the essence of our Australian way of life because of your own experiences. Please keep your work coming. I look forward to reading your next poem or writing. You writing is developing beautifully and I am sure many are going to enjoy what you present. Margaret Hughes

  2. Well done Shirley.

  3. Anonymous · · Reply

    You really and truly are a write now! Published and on the net.
    So good to see it coming into the public arena. Praise God! Ineke Jones

  4. Kristen Huggins · · Reply

    Absolutely beautiful “Mrs.C”…makes me miss Australia so deeply. You have captured it so well that I could actually picture it and almost smell the air as I was reading…now that’s a gift~when a content and heart combine. Looking forward to reading more and maybe some day getting to smell that air myself once again 🙂 ~Kristen (Larsen) Huggins

  5. A truly lovely poem, Shirley.
    I’m looking forward to the Coal Creek Literary Festival too.
    I thought the Poetry Slam was such fun last year – a real highlight – what I loved was that it was so informal, so appreciative of everyone’s efforts and enjoyable for the poets and the audience alike.
    I think it set such a high standard too. Not many Poetry Slams I’ve been at were so memorable.

  6. Thank you Marie, looking forward to meeting you at the festival.

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