Monthly Archives: August 2012

Readers and Writers Morning…

Readers and Writers It was a great experience to be a part of the Readers and Writers morning yesterday, Thursday 30th August.  The function was held in the Rotary Gallery, which is situated in the library building, on a cold, wet and windy day.  Our Milpara Creative Writers were well represented and members read some […]

My Great Big Mistakes….

Ever dropped a clanger, made a blooper? I have, more times than I care to remember. We are only human after all. Sometimes we are blind to our mistakes and need to have someone point them out to us, as kindly as possible of course. I’ve made mistakes in writing and in speaking. The right […]

Generational Shift… A tale of 3 generations of women and the love that always hopes…

Today’s papers carry the news that the Queensland Premier Campbell Newman has announced that he will give an apology to the women who in the 60’s and 70’s were forced to give up their babies for adoption.  I pray this will bring some comfort to all affected by the events of the past.  A Mother […]

On Forgiveness

On Forgiveness – dealing with the hurts I recently read a book which was based on the relationship between the author and her mother.  It took the wind out of my sails for a bit.  The mother, though now deceased, had been an acquaintance of mine.  It felt very strange to be reading all those […]

Speculative Fiction – The Capture

The Milpara Creative Writers weekly theme for this very short story was: the hidden.   The Capture   Down into the depths of the dank, dark dungeon he went, into a void as black as the bottom of a burnt out barbeque.  Rusted sides of rudely formed, crudely formed cement and iron, carved out staircase […]

Australia Wild

Australia Wild   The Desert The rains have been flowers- in a desert scene plethora Butterflies delight flitting they settle A profusion of hues vibrant yellows, delicate blues Windswept snow-haired smoke bush shades a clump of yellow daisies from the everlasting sun Plain and Coastland Kamilaroi men stood breathing in the beauty long ago and […]

My Favourite Pastor

I was once asked by a friend for the name of my favourite old time preacher.  My answer seemed to come as a shock, and his reaction shocked me a little.  Perhaps he was expecting me to say Jonathon Edwards, or whoever his particular favourite is.  Instead I had chosen a rough seaman with a […]

Writer’s Festivals

The Melbourne Writers Festival is on again and I’ve booked for a whole day of work-shopping! Our own local Coal Creek Literary Festival kicks off on Saturday October 13th. Last year’s was so much fun and I especially loved the poetry slam. We were given a topic to write on, on the spot, then had […]